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Long Distance Love Story


I’m sure we’ve all been truly in love at least once in our lifetime. If you know me, you know that I’m a sucker for love, I’ve been in love 3 times in my life so far, the first two loves of my life took me for granted, but that didn’t stop me, because I love the feeling of being in love, even it it ends up hurting me to the core. I’ve come to understand that heartbreaks are just part of life and you can’t avoid it, all you can do is learn how to cope with it and realize that life goes on! (which is a skill that is learned and not acquired); With that being said, I truly admire the ones that follow their hearts with the hope of having a happy ending and their arms holding the one they love the most.

Truly, Madly, Deeply

When you’re truly madly deeply in love with someone, you tend to give it your all, each love in your life is a different experience. You find yourself willing to do anything and everything for this one person. Sky’s the limit, there isn’t anything that you won’t do. This person is on your mind all day long, you randomly reminisce of sweet precious happy memories when you’re away from this person, you have absolutely nothing but the positives to think about because the positive traits supersede the negatives by far. Keep in mind that no one is perfect, we all have our flaws, but it’s always amazing when one finds that special someone and falls head over heels in love (regardless of their flaws). It doesn’t matter what this person does, you will always forgive them, (to a certain extent). Note: Abuse of any sort, cheating….etc…is just not tolerable!

Making Long Distance Love Work

I have a friend that not only believes but he feels that he’s found his soul mate, the only obstacle is the location of where they reside. He resides in the United States and she resides in South America; they’ve been making this relationship work so far, and it can only get stronger as long as both parties understand and accept the downfall of being in a long distance relationship along with comprehending the long road ahead. Traveling is always available, but the cost of traveling makes it very difficult for them to see each other at any given time hence one of the downfalls of being in a long distance relationship.

  • How do you cope with the fact that you’ve found your soul mate but you can’t see him/her at any given moment?
  • What do you do when you lay down at night and all you can think about is your love?
  • Do you have any idea what it feels like to want your lover to hold you but you know it’s impossible at at that very moment?
  • How long do you think you can go on without being able to see the one face you want to see the most?

Giving It Your All

I haven’t ever been in a serious long distance relationship before, so I can only share my opinions and not my advice because I have yet to experience what my friend is going through at this very moment. He is truly fighting with all his power to bring the two of them closer; He’s working so hard to gain the funds that will send him into her arms; He’s been utilizing Skype and other social networks to stay in touch with her; Most men would probably give up, but that only means that they fail to see love from the eyes of a person in True Love. As long as the communication and trust continue to stay alive, all will be well! There are lots of things that can be done to keep a long distance relationship alive, and my friend and his love have been doing it all, I only wish that it remains strong and strengthens until they can be in each others arms each and every day!

My thoughts are that my friend is doing the right thing by being optimistic. He’s continuing to be strong as each day and night goes by, he’s fighting this universe for the well deserved relationship between him and his true love. He’s doing what his heart tells him to do regardless of what anyone else says. He listens to the perspective of others, but in the end, he will always follow his heart, which is one thing we all admire!

Showing Support

We’ve all heard or read about love stories like this, and we all feel the pain and achy hearts of the lovers at stake, so let’s just show our support by sharing thoughts that can shed some light on his situation. Great words of wisdom is always helpful to us all when we’re in tough situations, having support from friends and readers is what motivates us all, at times it helps us see things clearly or from a perspective we didn’t imagine. So don’t be shy, share your thoughts =)

Regardless I would love for his story to be heard, I want the universe to adjust itself in a way that will bring them together. I hope and only wish that I can shake her hand or hug her and tell her how lucky she is to have found a man that will do anything and everything for the love he shares with her.

My friend wrote, produced and sang a song for her, he’s an artist, please check out his video and show your support.

You can also help bring him and his love closer together by purchasing his song on itunes.


Thank you to all my readers, I really appreciate your loyalty more than you can imagine!

  • Antonio

    I completely understand what he’s going through.  I went to Peru this last January with four friends on a “last hurrah” trip.  A couple of them were starting their careers and a couple more were going back to college to start their masters programs… I’m 23 by the way if that makes a difference to anyone.  I went down their planning on staying for three weeks and like any typical single guy, I was planning on having a fun time.  I was not looking for anything serious.  On the third day in Cuzco, we went out and I met a beautiful woman and I was with her for about two or three hours until I made an ass out of myself and ruined any sort of interest she had in me.  I didn’t think much of it because like I said, I was not interested in looking for anything serious.  I had to plans on seeing her again.  The only problem at that moment in time is that two of my friends started hanging out with two of her friends so we ran into each other a couple more times, not talking to each other her still having no interest in me until she over heard a conversation I was having about American politics.  She was intrigued and that transferred into a long conversation that night getting to know her.  After that, we were pretty much tied to the hip and were with each other everyday (she was on summer vacation from her university).  We had a couple rocky days once we realized we were starting to have feelings but we were stuck because I was going back home to the United States and she was staying in Peru.  So really, what other outcome was to take place other than be heart broken?  So we ended our relationship thinking it would be that much easier on each other rather than getting deeper with our feelings with more time to just be separated in the end.  My friends and I traveled the next two days to Machu Picchu.  I couldn’t stop thinking of her and when I got back, I told her than even though I was going to return home, I would still want to continue learning about each other and that I thought she was in my life for a reason and that I couldn’t just stop seeing her.  She felt the same way and we continued our friendship.  Valentines day came and  we went out to dinner and decided that day we would start a relationship because our feelings were too strong to not try and work on keeping it together.  We spent an amazing week in a half together until she was to leave for her University because school was about to start again.  To no-ones surprise, I delayed my return flight home for about two weeks.  I traveled with  her to the city she went to school at and lived with her for a week.  I came back home in tears and a torn heart because I had left my love and was over 4,000 miles away.  We have talked everyday since via skype and phone calls, learning more and more about each other and keeping our love strong.  With the fact she has two more years of college left and that it would not be good for either of us to be away for those two years.  I have planned on moving to Peru to be with her after a year of working and saving money.  My plan is to take some schooling down in Peru to become fluent in spanish and to look for a job so I can stay there.  We have no definite plans other than she will need to stay in Peru for the next two years.  And when that time comes we will figure out what our next step will be.  I have had a great job for the last five years with good pay and the feeling of security that comes with it.  But even that could not keep me away.  She is unlike any girl that I have ever met and I have thought I was in love before but realize this is what love feels like.  We have had our ups and downs because of the distance, but we remain optimistic about this.  One way we look at it that may help is, the majority of my friends and hers as well that have issues in relationships is mostly because of a lack of communication and deeper understanding of each other.  We feel that because we can not physically be with each other and that we can only be connected mentally and by our hearts that it only makes us more strong in the end.  So when we are physically with one another, that a lack of communication/understanding of each other will not be an issue for the most part.  If both sides want it to work out, nothing can separate you.  I am moving over 4,000 miles away just to be with her and I cant wait.  I am truly lucky to have found such an amazing woman.  We talk about the future and that we can both see each other being together and getting married, having kids and ect.  But only God (or whoever is up there) knows what is in store for the future.  If you truly love someone, you will do anything to keep that love together and strong.  I hope you two will work it out and will be together some day.  I feel everyone should be away from their loves for an extended period of time, because this is a true test to see if the other has the strength and true love to wait for you.  “If you love something, Set it free… If it comes back, it’s yours, If it doesn’t, it never was yours”

    p.s. I am going back in 8 weeks.


    Sharlene Le
    Replied on:

    Wow, what an experience. Isn’t if funny how love will find you no matter what part of the world you reside in! It’s like music to the heart when you hear touching stories like yours! I am so proud of both of you for following thru and finding other ways to make this work. It’s obvious you were both meant to meet, and the fact that you won’t allow any obstacles to interrupt your path will only make your relationship all the more stronger! I wish you both luck on your future endeavor!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful story with the world =)


  • Carmelfeng



  • Ahjianereyes

    very nice!i can relate this story to my present bf..long distance is not a problem,if u truly love each other you may seek or find solution on how u can meet each other,be patient,,if love prevails,you will have motivation to do what is impossible coz in love there’s no impossible to happen..


  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Sharlene! I was so moved…


    Jon B
    Replied on:

    Hang in there bro. Persistence pays off. We’re with you.


  • IC

    Great story. It’s a great feeling when you find the right person you want to share the rest of your life with. Love will prevail everything, so hopefully your friend’s dream of uniting with his true love comes true one day.


  • Qamar Soomro

    It is a great story. It should be an eye opener for lovers who try to exploit the feelings of such deep love and and surrender and just walk away. No compromise, no love. There should be no drifting away in love. It should not be a game !!!


  • Jeff

    I don’t know how much a one-way plane ticket form Peru would be , but it’s probably less than $1500.oo…..My advice to your friend , if he’s really serious , would be to take whatever adult education courses he needs to take , in order to get certification for a career that would allow him to support both himself , and his girlfriend ( assuming she’s able to leave the country ) Plan on 2 years *** If he plans on bringing her to this country , he must demonstrate that he can support her ( at least for a Fiancee Visa )


    Replied on:

    Hey Jeff, good points. I have thought quite a bit about the Fiancee Visa, and of course, the ticket is only about a grand. The logistics battle is around our debts, the fact that I still have my teenage daughter living with me as well as my sister and her daughter (this economy has made many changes like this in CA). We will sort it all out. I have faith in what we’ve been able to accomplish so far.. :)


  • Valpolala

    I can only imagine just how much stronger their love must be as compared to others who are within driving time. I hadn’t realized until now that my parents have done the long distance relationship with each other 3 times now in all the years they’ve been together.
    I bet their communication (your friend) must be very strong and very open. If anything, they can probably solve problems a lot better because of how they can talk to each other. Great job!