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9 Things You Can Do To Destroy Your Relationship

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broken-relationship Men and women are different on so many levels, hence the phrase, men are from Mars and women are from Venus,  and yet we are drawn to each other like magnets. Finding that one person with whom you can get along with is no easy task, some search for that “one special person” their entire life, and others are lucky enough to find true love without making an effort to engage in an active search.

Whatever situation a person may be in, whether its with a true love or not, understanding the hard work a relationship needs is always a plus for great beginnings. Relationships are known to be a 2-way street, some main components that can assist in walking, crawling or running this 2-way street, is knowing that both parties can and is capable of comprehending how to be patient, be respectful, trust, compromise, communicate, give, receive and love. hq75p3maey

Relationships aren’t always perfect, disagreements and intense arguments will occur, but keep in mind that any relationship will stand the test of time if handled in the correct manner. Learning how to be civil to each other when attempting to resolve issues, should be an important task one should take the time and learn how to master. We’ve all heard the saying “you never know what you have until its gone!”, right?

On that note, if you really don’t treasure what you have, here are 9 things you can do to destroy your relationship:

1 – Jealousy

Don’t trust your significant other to go out with their single friends because god knows single people are always on the prowl. Check their phone for mysterious calls at odd times or email messages from people you don’t know. Constantly check their Facebook or MySpace accounts for any questionable messages.

2 – Don’t Give Them Space

Spend every waking moment with them, talk on the phone when they’re at home, work, in the bathroom, driving, at the dentist office, in the shower, in bed, etc. Show up at their place unannounced, meet them up while they’re out with their friends.

3 – Don’t Spend Time With Them

Ok so your significant other said to give them space, what do you do? You don’t make an effort to do things together. Don’t try to find the balance between giving space and spending quality time together. You go out with your friends and disregard your relationship.

4 – Forget Who You Fell In Love With

You’ve been in a relationship for so long that you’ve forgotten what it is that made you fall in love with your significant other in the first place. You don’t think about the good times you had at the beginning of your relationship. You don’t hang on to that feeling of innocence. It’s so easy to lose that feeling when you’re caught up with your day to day routine.

5 – Cheat

Cheating is probably the number 1 reason why relationships fail. If your relationship doesn’t mean anything at all to you, then cheating is guaranteed to destroy your relationship. However, there are relationships that are able to withstand this cheating phenomenon.

6 – Nag Them To Death

Ah yes, we can’t forget about nagging. If you nag someone enough, they are sure to flip out and leave you in the dust. We all know that women like to nag, but there are plenty of men who also do a lot of nagging..they call it constructive criticism. If you really want to drive someone away, nag about their imperfections and about their lack of ambitions.

7 – Refuse To Have Sex

Here’s another guaranteed relationship destroyer, a sexless relationship! Sex was great in the beginning, then all of a sudden things change and before you know it, you are frequently getting acquainted with Myra (my right hand). There’s no bigger slap in the face than refusing to have sex with your significant other.

8 – Stop Buying Gifts

Forget about buying gifts on their birthday, or Christmas. After all, what’s the point right? You’re already in a relationship, you don’t need to butter them up. Once you bought gifts just for the heck of it, now you only buy gifts because you feel pressured to.

9 – Simply Stop Trying

Stop doing things for your significant other out of the goodness of your heart. Stop calling them. Stop spending time with them. Stop going out of your way to do things for them. Stop putting a value on your relationship. Stop caring. Stop loving. Stop trying to make your once perfect relationship work…

Have We Learned Anything?

I hope you can feel the sarcasm of this list. These are just a few examples you should avoid when you are in a relationship. It takes 2 people to make a relationship last long and if you and your significant other can manage to avoid these mistakes, you will have a healthy and worthwhile relationship that can withstand the true test of time.